Sunday, December 4, 2011

well well well....

Seems as though our journey is not over as last night marked the beginning of an entirely new chapter.


If you followed my blog and read this post, you would probably have a better understanding of why we chose it.

But it was chosen, it was put into motion and with a little luck and some good karma, it will all work out like we planned.

My business will have a new home and my need for creative and beautiful weddings (hello Colorado mountain brides, I can not even wait to get my hands on you and your insanely panoramic, sunshine-prolific state) will be filled.

Jeremy gets there tomorrow and is living in a beautiful home with 4 friends (that includes a ginormous deck + hot tub that I couldn't be more jealous of). I stay in NY as a single mother (puppies) to finish my weddings I have booked into next November and then make the voyage out myself where (and here is where my fingers get crossed) I have brides waiting for me from all the exposure Jeremy is doing with advertising and wedding shows.

Deep breath everybody, this one's going to be intense.

-Love Me

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Exit Letter

States Traveled: 44
Miles spun: 10600
Gas $ spent: 1,200
Car Problems: 2 - broken shock, new front brakes
Pulled over: 1- drafting.... aka "tailgating"pffff
Tickets: 0 (**bats eye lashes**)
Accidents that didn't kill us: 2 - "Hatchet Meets Thumb" and "Swim Right!!!"
Accidents that did kill us: 0

It was literally a life changing experience for me.

It was on the road where I quit my job. You know, that "great" job everyone talks about, with "outstanding benefits" a "killer 401k" and in this economy no less.

Yup, that one! The one that also made me feel like this: "What is it about 20 somethings?".

It was on the road through Colorado that I decided I was only going to do what I loved from now on because....well, why shouldn't I?   Why shouldn't anyone!?

It was on the road where I realized the man next to me was absolutely the one I wanted to do this with forever.

It was on the road where I restored my faith in humanity.

It was on the road where I realized:

Its not just giving a homeless man money, its giving him a conversation.

Its making someones life easier by fixing a barn door and installing a towel rack.

Its being a little less asshole-ish and a lot more nice-ish and making this planet a more pleasant place to walk around.

The greatest feeling I had this trip was in a text message from a girl I couched surfed with in Chicago. It said, "...thanks for the inspiration".

Then a friend of mine had posted this quote from Thich Nhat Hanh in one of my blog comments: "Allow yourself to be a torch, and allow the flame of your torch to be transmitted to other torches."

It sort of all came together. This doesn't have to be my last post. I can keep living my life in a positive light and passing it on where ever I go. This trip has made me realize just that. You don't even need to be Angelina Jolie rich to do so.

i still want to see the world. i still want to help as many people as i can. i still want to write about it. and i still want to do all of it with the one i love.



Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dream Little Darling

One of the first places I had known I wanted to go during this entire trip was Blenheim Vineyards. It wasn't suppose to be our last stop but funny the way it is, sometimes things just work out like that and it made for a very memorable end to a most amazing, awe inspiring trip.

I love wine and so does Jeremy and we had both never been to a wine tasting before so I figured going to a vineyard owned by Dave Matthews obviously had to be done.

This was my spaceman museum. It was gorgeous. You walked into a loft area with beautiful exposed beams and a patio overlooking the vineyard. You could also look down through a glass floor into the barrel room below where they make the wine. It was so neat seeing how the whole operation works.

We tasted five different kinds of wine, all delicious (and I'm not just being bias because its Dave's wine- it was very good wine). The bartender poured me a glass of my favorite red, the Petit Verdot and we went out onto the patio to look through a photo book that was lying around inside.

It had followed the building process of the whole establishment and low and behold a couple pages in I started seeing Dave himself up on ladders, hammering nails, digging a ditch - of course this was huge for me and I was just about to steal a Polaroid for myself when I remembered that little thing called KARMA that had been SO good to us for this whole I just stole a pic of a pic instead with my phone...

At some point during the tasting we looked out to the vineyard to see a cool older pickup truck just chilling. "Who's truck is that?" asked Jeremy "Oh that's Dave's truck" said our wine girl, "Dave who?" says Jeremy, as she and I both give him our best wtf faces "Uh..Dave Matthews" she says.

Now I can't comprehend that I'm at a vineyard Dave built and outside is HIS personal pickup truck (can I somehow steal it, touch it, smell it, lick it,

"Where are you going?" Jeremy asks as I run towards the door. "To Dave's truck!" I yell and proceed to take about a hundred photos with it all of them extremely goofy and unflattering.

I hope the girl wasn't lying when she told us it was his truck because I may or may not have poured my heart out in a letter addressed to him and left it on the dash (the truck was unlocked ...... I took that as a sign from above).

No it wasn't a 'I'm your biggest fan' crazy stalker love letter. Although I had so much to say it was just a big thank you for all the inspiration he has ever given the world and me.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Originally we were going to couch surf in New Orleans but as fate had it one of Jeremy's friends happens to work offshore there and had some free time (and a sweet hotel room) so we were able to stay and explore the town with him. We are really lucky to have such awesome (and rich) friends :-) THANK YOU DAVID!!!

The first night we went out David told us that Bourbon Street smells like nothing you will ever smell before..and not in a good way. He also told me to be careful wearing flip flops and not just because of the glass, but mainly because of all the different fluids...

We immediately stopped to get the signature Bourbon Street drinks, Hurricanes and Grenades. Don't ask me what was in them , but what ever it was it was as delicious as it was dangerous (see exhibit "last pic")

The street was filled with performers...mostly homeless people with ghetto props. But some like whatever that guy was doing with the ladder and the child robot prodigy were actually quite enjoyable.  

We walked up and down the strip taking in all the sites, lots of (scary) strip joints, drunk passed out people and just chaos filling the streets. The architecture in the french quarter is simply gorgeous no wonder Brangelina owns a chateau there. My favorite part though was the MUSIC. All live authentic jazz bands, dueling piano bars, and singers with voices like Amy Winehouse (sad).

We went to a bar called the Dungeon which was a bit too metal head banger for our group however it was cool walking around and seeing all of its secret passageways and reading that it was, in ancient times, an actual dungeon (although there was a strict NO PHOTO policy). 

Jeremy wanted to take a pic of this guy who was passed out sleeping when this girl came over and wanted to be in the pic with him. Cheese!

We passed this crazy voodoo shop (this was our 2nd night out..the night I remember clearly) and I went to see if Lafayette was inside...he wasn't but they were having a sale on chicken heads.

We were on both ends of the bead spectrum, the givers and receivers. We saw some boobies, not as many as the boys would have liked, but I guess since it wasn't Mardi Gras the girls were a little more hesitant about whipping them out. I however, wanted some damn beads and got them!! 

The first night was a blur we ate great food, danced our asses off, laughed (and I cried at least once I was told...) We got home each morning while the sun was coming up. It was a time I'll never forget and I already know that I'm totally having my bachelorette party there. 

To get to New Orleans from where we were staying we had to drive over the longest bridge in the world. I'm not even exaggerating the NOLA Causeway Bridge holds the record for worlds longest at 24 miles. It got old fast and we did it 4 times. 

We woke up of course feeling "like a bag of assholes" (This phrase I stole from my favorite cousin) but it was worth it!! And we couldn't have felt too bad because we did it again the next night, however minus the Hurricanes and Grenades. 

The lovely shot below was taken after I was loaded into the car, yeah I was 'that girl' and I'm never 'that girl' so I'm glad I got to experience all that Bourbon street had to offer. Also to note for all you fang bangers out there, you can't see from the pic but I was wearing my Merlotts shirt with pride and I got countless Sookie compliments on it.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fire in the Sky (still) Scares the Crap Outta Me

The only reason I wanted to go to New Mexico was to check out Roswell. If you know me then you know I get super freaked out about aliens. 

To let you all in on a rather embarassing secret, when I was younger (and I'll say younger but I was deff like 12-13-pushing 14ish) I slept with my little sister in her single size bed for a good month after watching "Fire in the Sky".  

Her bedroom was downstairs next to my parents room and my bedroom was the only one upstairs and there was just no way I was going to be abducted first...

As soon as we passed the state line into New Mexico from Texas we could see we were in for a ride. The pavement went from nice and smooth to a giant slab of poop. We passed ghost towns where we hoped no one still lived...for their sake. We got into Roswell and stopped at the biggest store they had, the Family Dollar! 

We went to ask about the UFO crash site and the lady who worked there told us we had already passed it.....

"There use ta be a sign but uh, I think somebody musta gone n took it..I'd say you missed it by a good 15 miles"

Seeing as we had just driven 16 hours we would not be driving backwards. So I looked down the road and found a Mc Donalds in the shape of UFO and that was good enough for me; Roswell had scary enough looking aliens as it was. 

We drove on to our camp for the night, a gem of a park named the Bottomless Lake. We really couldn't believe that the place was so beautiful out in the middle of nowhere. The water was teal and warm and it was only 8 dollars a night to camp. They had paddle boards you could rent a gorgeous beach and you could swim 24/7. Everything seemed to good to be true....

We set up the tent and got dinner started. No sooner did we sit down in our chairs to relax in the hot summer night when it all started. 


Jeremy shouted...

I jumped onto the picnic table just in time to see a nasty little yellow scorpion running beneath our chairs. We googled to find out they were the ones you didn't want to mess with. We relocated him carefully far far away and sat down exhausted once again to eat. 

I took a swig of water at the same time I noticed something crawling over rocks in my periphheral vision. 


The water came out but no words...and Jeremy still didn't see what I saw...

"Dhhh Uhhh SPPPpp ahhhh!!!" I said as I curled into a little ball in my chair trying to go to my happy place. 

"WHAT!?!?!" Jeremy said frantically looking around into the darkness "SPEAK WORDS!!"


Now we were both kneeling on top of the table, watching this national geographic shit go on below us. 

Safe to say our noodles were cold that night and the last thing I had to worry about were aliens. 

Jeremy couldn't sleep that night so he stayed up to take some spooky long exposures of the maz in the moonlight... it looks sick bigger I think I'll make it a poster to commemorate the trip!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Do You Want A Cookie!?

If states could be identities, Colorado would be mine. It’s like the laid back version of California. With far less silicone and endless natural beauty. 

I was even more excited to visit because we were spending the weekend camping with my cousins who live in Loveland, Co. 

We stayed in a National Forest in Browns Canyon which is located in the town of Salida.  Gorgeous mountain ranges, hiking, biking and rafting, two beautiful German Shepard's named Karma and Kua and a partridge in a pear tree. 

This weekend will go down in my top ten of a lifetime. Luckily my cousins are the super sporty adventurous type so they had planned each day around a fun heart pumping activity. 

So there we were with my cousin Brenna (who is my mothers niece but also just 5 years younger than her) and her daughter, my second cousin Justine (who is almost 21 and would be like my best friend if we lived closer) and Brenna’s husband Jay (who I had never met before but is one of those rare people that you like right away after meeting) Still with me? 

The first day we went on a 6 mile hike to a beautiful waterfall. We also went geocaching where I found a mini dinosaur and in return left one of my favorite bracelets. Its worn into perfection so if you ever go hiking in Raspberry Gulch look for the geocache behind the big rock...
The second day my super amazing family treated Jeremy and I to a full day white water rafting trip on the Arkansas river. 

Since Colorado had such an enormous amount of snowfall this winter the rapids were rushing at their peak range; a whopping 3560 cubic feet per second. Our guide Josh told us at 4000 they don’t run trips because it is too dangerous. 
Oh yeah our guide...Josh.  

Josh was one of those guys you would see posing in an annual firefighters calendar. I mean even Jeremy thought the guy was dreamy. This is how meeting him went down: 
(Josh walks by us)
Brenna: “Well, I hope we get him as our guide” 
Me: “Umm yeahh I was just thinking that same exact thing!!”
(Josh comes back)

Josh: "I’m looking for the Roberts party?"
Brenna: “Thats us!”
Josh: “Great Hi, I’m Josh I’ll be your raft guide for the day!”
Me: (Giggling like an idiot)
Brenna: “Wow...”
Haha and that was that. It was all in good GREAT fun. He was a kick ass guide with 16 years of experience and he had our ‘off beat’ sense of humor which was the best part. 

Jeremy had the go pro strapped to his helmet which might as well have been a bulls eye. All the guides who saw it said something about making SURE we got some great footage and Josh wasn’t about to shy away from any big rapids since, like he said, “The go pro brings out our Kodak courage” 
It was hot HOT that day so we decided to fore go the wet suits and just don our bathing suits, which felt like a good the beginning. 
This was no ragin’ river ride you find at the Great Escape. The rapids we traveled were made of class threes and fours. There are only six classes in rapid ranking and six is considered un-runnable so the class fours were not to be taken lightly. 

It was all of our first time rafting besides Brenna who said, “The only thing I want to do today is stay IN the boat.” (What a jinx if I ever head one) The first half of the trip we did great! Hit some hairy spots but made it out fine, it was a total rush and we were getting some great shots with the go pro. 
We stopped for lunch and admired the..... scenery :-) Even though we were in our own group for the raft we traveled with a larger group of about 5 other full rafts. This would prove to be important later on down the river. 

So after lunch we got back into our gear and headed out. The bigger rapids made up the 2nd half of the trip and we were all excited to see what it had in store for us. 
Josh started to talk about a particular rapid ahead of us that they called the “Cydell  Suckhole” It consisted of a lateral wave and something he called the ‘meat hydrolic” whatever that was it sounded quite unpleasant. He also mentioned that this particular rapid was responsible for flipping more rafts that any other. We all sort of paddled in silence approaching it as Josh told us instructions in case we did end up in the water. “Swim right” was all I heard. 

I remember coming up on this behemoth rapid it was as scary looking as it sounded. What I don’t remember is how it handed us our asses. I opened my eyes and the raft was upside down and we were all in the freezing water. 
“SWIM RIGHT!!” The only instruction any of us remembered. It was at that point that I realized me being a lifeguard meant nothing. You were no match for these rushing waters. My cousin Justine was in front of me and she, bless her heart, found all the huge rocks under the water along our way to the shore. Her knees paid the price. Jeremy even fell right out of his water shoes. 
It was chaos, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little scared. Jeremy, Justine and I finally came to shore and were looking for Brenna. We look to our left up stream and shes standing on land proudly holding her paddle. Ha, I forgot I even had a paddle when I hit the water. 
All of the other rafts were pulled over since they saw what happened and the other guides jumped into action to make sure we were all OK. They were the most professional and courteous people I really can’t say enough good things about them. 
Except for some scrapes and bruises we all made it out unscathed but frozen. Josh got the raft flipped back over and the other guides gave us rain jackets to wear for the rest of the trip which mainly consisted of laughing and chatting about our big flip. The worst part of the whole thing being that the go pro battery had died RIGHT BEFORE we all flipped so we will never have that awesome footage :-(
That night over mallows we all relived our death defying raft trip and played some Catch Phrase which proved to be the greatest end to the greatest day. 

Our last day after some mountain biking (which we found was ‘way more technical’ then mountain biking in Florida) my fam had to ship out and our fun was over. Although knowing we are now making these trips an annual deal made it a little better.